August 8th 2012

Tinkering Camp – Day 3

Today was a very eventful day. We put our brand new 3D printer to use, finished off some battle bots, and even used Minecraft to as a building tool!You are probably asking yourself, ‘what is a 3D printer?’ Well, the idea is that you take an image from the internet and  literally ‘print’ it into an object using a plastic material. There are tons of images online to choose from, and you can also design your own!

Browse for printable 3D objects.

Our Makerbot Replicator, hard at work printing

The finished 3D printed object. “It’s a traap!”

In fact, we even printed out objects that we built on Minecraft. (For those who don’t know, Minecraft is a PC game composed entirely out of building blocks) We did this by using a special Minecraft server made specifically for printing objects. You just have to build the object, add a sign-post with your email address, and hit a button which will email you the image file needed to print it! Thank you Paul Harter for this great service! We also had a visit from Derek Quenneville today, a local “3D printing evangelist/digital fabrication artist”. He showed us a bunch of models that he had printed on his printer. Here’s his blog post about his visit to our space.

Editing 3D objects in Minecraft

Printing out Téa’s creation.

Téa’s finished sword!

Lucas watching his minecraft creeper print out.


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  1. Jim
    Posted August 14, 2012 at 11:20 am | Permalink

    Congrats on a great Tinkering Camp! You guys and gals are awesome! So creative, innovative, enthusiastic – and you can actually DO your ideas!
    (fyi – it is with an i in the middle for 3D plans)
    And congrats to Andy for all of this!!!

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  • Badges What?

    On learning different skills maker kids are awarded badges. Below is a list of badges and their meanings.

    Bits into atoms! Turn that object in your computer into an object in real life! chemistry Chemistry
    crafts Crafts electronics Electronics
    fire Set some things on fire! food Awarded upon successful preparation (and, possibly, consumption) of an edible item.
    machines Machines microcontrollers Very controlling for a little thing
    motorsandengines Motors and Engines music Music
    photoandvideo Paparazzi-in-training powertools Give that kid a chainsaw!
    recycling Recycling robotics "It's alive, it's alive!"
    sewing Sewing space
    vehicles Wroom-wroom wood Pinocchio?