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    MakerKids is a makerspace for kids in Toronto. We offer hands-on, maker, DIY, STEM after school programs, workshops and birthday parties for kids, teens and adults, based on 3D printing, electronics, Arduino, Minecraft, robotics, woodworking, programming, sewing, crafting and making of all kinds! Register for current programs here. Sign-up for our mailing list for the latest MakerKids news.
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    MakerKids Summer Camps Start in 2 Weeks!

    MakerKids Summer Camps start soon!

    Our Summer Camps Start in 2 Weeks!

    If you haven’t signed up yet, now is your chance! Space is limited, so make sure to register ASAP to guarantee your spot. If you are bringing a friend you can each use the discount code “IAmAMaker” to get $25 off before June 29.

    Minecraft & Digital Creations Camp June 30-July 4

    Do you know a young boy or girl who likes Minecraft and creating digital things? At our Minecraft and Digital Media Creation Camp, we’ll be creating a new world filled with minigames we design together and more!

    Register here.

    Boat Making Summer Camp July 14-18

    Take charge of the high seas with boats you build! We’ll be using wood, barrels, PVC pipes and cardboard to make something that floats.

    Register here.

    Maker Sampler Camp July 28 – Aug 1

    Robots, 3D printing, Minecraft, woodworking, video and special effects, oh my! Try a sampling of MakerKids’ best topics – a different topic each day.

    Register here.

    Robotic Creatures Summer Camp August 11-15

    At this camp, you will make a character come to life! Design the face and make the parts move to give your creature personality. Use a sound module to give your creature a voice, and wire up its mouth to move in sync. Build a robot claw to grab things and pick them up! Register here.

    High Altitude Balloon Creation Camp July 7-11

    We will build an actual high altitude balloon together, and send it up near the end of the week. Aboard the balloon as it rises will be characters acting out a story that we will write together, with a video camera recording the whole journey! Register here.

    Inventions Summer Camp July 21-25

    Imagine something crazy, and make it! Think up an invention, a contraption, a vehicle, a monster, a robot, an outfit or whatever you imagine! Then you can build it using our tools and the help of our instructors. Register here.

    MakerKids Sampler Camp Aug 5-8

    Minecraft, movie-making, computer surgery, programming, robot building, and liquid nitrogen ice cream, oh my! Try a sampling of MakerKids’ best topics – a new topic each day. Register here.

    Remote Controlled Awesomeness Summer Camp August 18-22

    At this camp, you will make a creation powered by a remote control, motors and more! What do you want to make remote controlled? A candy dispenser, a tray, a shoe, a toy car? Come up with an idea and make it happen! Register here.

    Video Game Creation Camp August 25-29 2014 at MakerKids

    We’ll build games with the Scratch system from MIT, the Portal 2 level builder, and even make puzzles and challenges with Minecraft. Kids will learn what makes a good game design, plan out their projects, make the artwork and sound effects, and program the games themselves.

    Register here.


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    Making Makers – Activity Guides


    We’re here to help you get started teaching and inspiring kids to be makers!

    We get asked to speak at conferences a lot. There is a huge momentum in the Maker movement to reach kids as young as possible. Librarians, parents, teachers and other educators want to bring making to kids, but they just don’t know how to get started.

    To address this need, we’ve been working with other members of the Toronto Mozilla Hive Network - Girls Learning Code, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Toronto Public Library.

    Together, we’ve come up with 7 activity guides for teaching a wide range of Making and Digital Literacy topics. We’re currently working on 3 more, so stay tuned!

    The guides themselves are free for you to use

    Each guide has a complete guide on how to run the activity, and support materials such as intro presentations, code samples and more.

    • Toy Hacking (Download the module here and the materials here)
    • Arduino Rovers (Download the module here and the materials here)
    • Introduction to HTML & CSS (Download the module here and the materials here)
    • Stop Motion Animation (Download the module here and the materials here)
    • Create YouTube Videos (Download the module here)
    • Game Design with Scratch (Download the module here and the materials here)
    • 3D Printing with Maker Kids (Download the module here)

    You can find an up to date list with downloads at the Learning Labs Making Makers web site.

    Currently, we are working on 3 new modules! 2 of these are aimed at schools, so we’re aiming to have them ready for testing in September. They will connect with the Ontario curriculum, to give teachers fun, innovative and affordable ways to deliver maker education within the curriculum framework.

    One other topic has been finalized so far:

    • Internet of Things
      Open source teaching kits for educators to teach kids and adults how to make Arduino based creations connected to the Internet.

    So try out our existing modules, and give us your feedback. They’re open source, so remix them into new activities, and send those back to us as well!

    We’re always looking for ideas for new modules, so drop us a line any time.

    Andy Forest
    Co-executive Director (Learning)

  • MakerKids

    PA Day this Friday…Make a Candy-Dispensing Robot!



    Want to make one of these?



    You can this Friday at our PA Day: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/make-a-candy-dispenser-robot-june-6th-pa-day-at-makerkids-tickets-11627633565?aff=eorg



    Also check out our summer camps: http://makerkids.ca/programs


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